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Recent International Speaking

In additional to repeated invitations to lecture and give instructional courses at the major American Plastic Surgery Meetings, Dr. Hurwitz is a frequent speaker at International scientific forums. In 2007, after televising a facelift and giving several major lectures for Plastic Surgeons in Istanbul, Turkey, Dr. Hurwitz traveled to Haifa, Israel to televise a lower body lift and give a one surgeon day and half seminar on body contouring. Later in 2007, Dr. Hurwitz presented his signature Total Body Lift procedure during the Plastic Surgery Educational Foundation Cruise, from St. Petersburg, Russia to Stockholm, Sweden. In August 2007, Dr. Hurwitz presented at Harvard University Plastic Grand Rounds. In January 2008 and again in 2009, Dr. Hurwitz gave a keynote presentation on Breast Reshaping and a Master Course on Brachioplasty at the IMCAS (International Master Course on Aging Skin) in Paris, France. In June 2008, he was an invited speaker on the body contouring seminar for EURAPS (Europe Association of Plastic Surgeons) in Madeira, Portugal. In September 2008, Dr. Hurwitz was a guest speaker of the Sao Paulo Plastic Surgery society and he returns to Brazil November 2010 as a keynote speaker for the 47th annual meeting of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery. In November 2009 he was an invited professor at the 36th Annual International Aesthetic Surgery Meeting in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. He returned to Mexico City, Mexico January 2010 to lecture on Body Contouring at special seminars. In March 2010, he was the guest lecturer for the XVI symposium in post bariatric surgery in Bogotá, Columbia. In October 2010, Dr. Hurwitz will travel to Europe again to lecture on Body contouring surgery and televise an upper body lift and breast reshaping for the NEWTEC seminar in Bruges, Belgium. Then in November he lectures on body contouring for a half day at the Huffstadt conference in Groningen, Netherlands.

Hurwitz Center for Plastic Surgery in the News

Renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Dennis Hurwitz, of the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area, has been refining the art of body contouring for more than two decades. He has helped thousands of patients improve their appearances. Dr. Hurwitz is sought for his mastery of such procedures as facelift, lipoaugmentation (using liposuctioned fat tissue to augment various areas of the body), body contouring, and reconstructive surgery.

While clinical care is his primary focus, Doctor Hurwitz is also involved in academic and organized medicine. In addition to being the Clinical Professor of Surgery (Plastic) at the University of Pittsburgh, in Pennsylvania, he has published over 90 articles in journals and books relating to body contouring and other forms of plastic surgery. He has also been interviewed in many publications around the country including People magazine, USA Today, Consumer’s Digest, and others. Below you will find several noteworthy articles in which Dr. Hurwitz and his body contouring patients are featured.


-The L Brachioplasty: An Innovative Approach to Correct Excess Tissue of the Upper Arm, Axilla, and Lateral Chest

With weight loss and aging, many women disdain the increasingly hanging skin and fat of their upper arms. Brachioplasty treats this condition. Brachioplasty is the aesthetic reshaping of the upper arm after the removal of excess medial skin and fat. The new contour should be attractive, the scars should be inconspicuous, and the complications should be minor.*

Post Bariatric Surgery Breast Reshaping: The Spiral Flap

Introduction: After massive weight loss, the breasts have poor shape, projection and skin elasticity. Breast reshaping is recognized as difficult and may require excess nearby tissues. As the senior author's approach evolved over the past 4 years, breast reshaping with the Spiral Flap became integral to an upper body lift. 

The Total Body Lift

By Dr. Dennis Hurwitz, is an introspective report that details the plastic surgery element of weight loss as experienced by eight patients. The book comprehensively describes Dr. Hurwitz’s signature total body lift procedure, both from the surgeon’s perspective and his patients’. For the most insightful review of this exciting procedure, order your own copy here, today!

"The only thing missing is the actual consult with you! You put a lot of work into it. I particularly enjoyed your honestly, introspection and insights in the section of innovation.” - Dr. Joseph Gryskiewicz

“The book is super!” - Dr. Tom Biggs (internationally respected Houston plastic surgeon and editor of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Journal)

Take an inside look at The Total Body Lift by Dr. Hurwitz. Each month a short installment will be posted online. Click here to read this month's selection. Complete a consult with Dr. Hurwitz for $100 and receive a free copy!

USA Today

Teens' cosmetic dreams don't always come true

"Why didn't my doctor tell me I was still growing?"

-Kacey Long, who had breast implants at age 19 and had them removed two years later.

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Consumers Digest

New procedure gives body a total lift

Now, for the healthiest massive-weight-loss patients, there's an alternative. Dr. Dennis Hurwitz of Pittsburgh has developed a new type of surgery called Total Body Lift, where an operation is performed on the upper and lower body in one procedure.

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

-Autoprosthesis Buttock Augmentation During Lower body Lift

Postbariatric plastic surgery offers abundant technical challenges. Not only must excess skin over large areas be removed, but high-tension closures also are essential for reduction of postoperative sagging attributable to residual skin laxity. 

Operative Strategies

-Medial Thighplasty

The L medial thighplasty, designed to improve severe lower torso and thigh laxity in patients with massive weight loss, is distinguished by single-stage integration into the lower body operation, presurgical marking of a unique excision design, and efficient use of prone and supine operative positions. 

Aesthetic Surgery Journal

L-Brachioplasty: An Adaptable Technique for Moderate to Severe Excess Skin and Fat of the Arms

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