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Leg Liposuction

By Dennis Hurwitz on January 28, 2010


Dear Dr. Hurwitz,

            Words cannot express to you my appreciation for your God given ability. I am thankful for the opportunity to know you. From beginning to end you have been an incredible Doctor. I remember how nervous I was to call your office for the first time and talk to someone about Liposuction of the ankles. I never thought I would be able to speak to you personally on the phone because of my past attempts to talk to other doctors about this issue. But you returned my call that very day and asked me to send you pictures of my legs. Once you received them you called me back and you said, “I believe I can help you.” Those were the some of the most relieving words I have ever heard.

That night seemed impossible for me to sleep because I kept thinking about how this desire that I have wanted for so long may take place. At a young age it became difficult for me to wear anything that ever showed my ankles. My friends would ask why my ankles were so swollen. They were an eye catcher to some which always made me feel insecure. Even though my family and friends told me I had beautiful legs I still desired for them to be “normal”. More than anything I was afraid that if I changed my body it would hurt my God my, creator’s feelings. It took patience, praying and seeking God’s face for this decision. And in his timing… he led me to you.

 Your staff is incredible. Every question I needed answered was answered right away. When I was nervous Jessica, a member of your team made me feel calm by encouraging me. Two months have passed and for the first time I can now share the joys of being a young lady by wearing sun dresses and cute shorts! As a teacher and a performer I have poise like never before. The results are unbelievable! I am forever grateful for you and the incredible team you have.


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