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Total Bpdy Lift Testimonial

By Dennis Hurwitz on February 12, 2010

Students aren't the only ones who look forward to Winter Break. Its the ONLY time during the academic year that you have 2 weeks off to apply what I call the 3 R's : Release, relax and rest. But when you're a Coach you kick in to another gear taking your team "on the road" to showcase their talents. What would make this Coach cut short her time with the team? The desire to celebrate her first year anniversary with the people who made it all possible , Dr.Hurwitz and his staff.It was one year ago that I had my procedures done (lower body lift, breast augmentation and tummy tuck) and I felt a card just wouldn't be sufficient. I wanted Dr. Hurwitz and his staff to SEE THE DIFFERENCE ! I called and scheduled the appointment. Just as before his staff was warm, professional and courteous.

Being a athlete in High School and College I always took pride in being physically fit. During a very challenging time in my life I turned to food as a way to comfort me (I didn't drink and its cheaper/safer than drugs - smile) . I stopped working out and in time gained an excessive amount of weight. When I tipped the scales @ 283 lbs. I knew I had to get busy. Being an "Old Warrior"

 I challenged myself and begin to train and make better food choices. It took over a year but I lost over 150 lbs. I should have been happy but their was another problem. No matter how hard I trained I couldn't get rid of the extra stuff around the my hips, thighs, and butt. Never really having a stomach (even when I gained the weight) I now had a "pouch" like a kangaroo!! This really started to bother me. Not a day went by when others would compliment me on my weight lost but I would always think to myself, "if you could only see me without clothes on"

I thought about Plastic Surgery and once again the "Old Warrior" went to work. I had several meetings with doctors from several States and it wasn't until I met with Dr. Hurwitz that I knew he was the one. I'm a people person , the type of person that has to "feel" something about you. During my consultation there was something about the way he spoke, describing how he visualized my body. He had the warmth and gentleness of a loving Father. Being a "Daddy's Girl" I felt in my heart of hearts HE WAS THE ONE!!

Preparing to have surgery is tough enough but having it done out-of-state brings on more challenges. The staff at Dr. Hurwitz's Center handled everything from A-Z. I even received a gift basket upon checking in the Wyndham! I can't say enough about my experience with Dr. Hurwitz and his staff. If you have any thoughts and/ or doubts about making the right choice you can't go wrong selecting Dr. Hurwitz as your doctor. I'm proud to say that we kept in touch over the year I had my procedure done. What other physician do you know that does that? Dr. Hurwitz and staff are worth every hard earned dollar I spent (remember, I'm a teacher). I now "strut like a peacock" (smile) and owe it all to Dr. Dennis Hurwitz and his wonderful staff.

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