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Total Body Lift Testimonial

By Dennis Hurwitz on November 25, 2010


What do you say to someone who changes your life and makes you feel complete? I have spent many hours in prayer, thanking God for leading me to you. Thanking God for giving you the knowledge, perseverance and passion to do what you do, so well. But now, it is time to thank you and there really are not words for what I feel. It feels like you breathed hope into my lifeless soul and made me feel complete. Even after a 200 lb. weigh loss, I did not feel pretty. I still feel like an “outsider to the world”, but you changed all of that by sculpting my body and now, for the first time in my life, I feel beautiful. Thank you so much. I knew from the first consult appointment that God wanted me in your expert hands. There was never any doubt or reservation in my confidence in you. You are a very special man and I will always pray that you continue the passion you have in making people beautiful.


Sincerely In Appreciation,



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