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Body Lift Patient Testimonial

By Dennis Hurwitz on May 24, 2017

"I have been fat my entire life. I was determined to get healthy for my family and myself and began jogging almost two years ago. I have lost 120 pounds and been able to maintain it, but for all of this hard work, I had accumulated an excess of skin around my entire body.

"Having never been in shape or healthy, I could not even imagine having a 'normal' body. It seemed not even possible to me. Last December, I got the first half of my body lift. I cannot even tell you how it has changed my entire life. I now have a waist without grabbable rings of skin. It was a dream come true - literally. 

"I just had my final body lift surgery and am looking forward to having legs for the first time ever. I have always worn clothing that hid my layers of excess skin. I now have a body that is capable of easy movement. I feel like Dr. Hurwitz is Mr. Rourke and I landed on Fantasy Island. I have a body for the first time.

"I actually had no idea what my body actually looked like. I owe so much to Dr. Hurwitz. I do not consider him to be just a surgeon. I have benefited from his art and skill. He has given me a body that I did not even imagine as possible."

 - R. T.

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