Oct 13 2014

Dr. Hurwitz Returns from The CCR Expo in London

Pittsburgh-based plastic surgeon Dennis Hurwitz returns from being a guest lecturer at the London CCR Expo, a major UK conference of medical professionals. 

Oct 20 2010

NEWTEC Seminar in Bruges

Dr. Dennis just returns to Pittsburgh after giving guest faculty lectures and performing televised Total Body Lift Surgery at the NEWTEC aesthetic surgery seminar in Bruges, Belgium. By all accounts the lectures on Post Bariatric Torsoplasty and Facelift after Weight Loss were well received and major contributions. The Belgium anesthesiologist was amazed that this American surgeon over 6 hours could transform a monstrous body form into a beautiful woman.

Feb 16 2010

Malar Augmentation with Artefill

Dennis Hurwitz has just completed a clinical study with Suneva, the makers of Artefill® for augmentation of the cheeks and malar region with the long lasting filler. He was one of the 5 investigators who were led by Dr. Daniel Mills of Newport Beach, California. Each one of his patients were very satisfied with the early results, and we are anticipating over three years of correction of their mid face soft tissue deficiencies. The before and after photos of one treated patient are shown.

Feb 16 2010

American Alpine Workshop Chairmen

Dr. Dennis J. Hurwitz returns in early February from a wonderful week of scientific meetings and fresh powder skiing at Jackson Hole, Wyoming during the 21st annual American Alpine Workshop in Plastic Surgery. Dr. Hurwitz is a founding member and in the far left front in the tan jacket along with other past chairmen of the Alpine workshop, who are easily recognizable as leaders in American Plastic Surgery.

Feb 11 2010

American Alpine Workshop Skiing with Dennis Hurwitz

While skiing down a deep snowed covered steep trail at Jackson Hole, Dennis Hurwitz (left) stops to enjoy the view with his close Plastic Surgery friends Scott Bartlett of Philadelphia , William Swartz of Pittsburgh and Joost Van Tetering of The Netherlands.

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