Sagging skin and stubborn, excess fat can not only affect your self-confidence. These concerns can have a negative impact on your overall quality of life as well.

Dr. Dennis Hurwitz offers BodyTite® as an effective, minimally invasive tummy tuck alternative for patients with a moderate amount of sagging skin. 

So why choose BodyTite?

Improve Your Confidence and Quality of Life

What Is BodyTite?

BodyTite differs from other body contouring procedures because it relies on radio-frequency technology to tighten and lift skin without larger incisions required for traditional contouring. The advanced technology achieves 3-D contraction of the dermis, subdermal connective tissue matrix, and deeper layers of fat. With BodyTite, patients with moderately sagging skin due to dramatic weight loss or aging can experience improved definition.*

Does BodyTite really live up to the hype?

Impressive Patient Satisfaction Rates

Most Patients Qualify for BodyTite Treatment

Typically, BodyTite is used to treat the arms, thighs, buttocks, or stomach. Additionally, the body sculpting procedure can typically target nearly any area where stubborn fat and loose skin tend to develop.

In order to qualify for BodyTite, you should:

Why Choose the Hurwitz Center?

Over 40 Years of Training and Experience

Dr. Hurwitz has been practicing plastic surgery since 1977. Patients come from all over the world to take advantage of his advanced training and expertise

Founded in 1999, the Hurwitz Center for Plastic Surgery is a state-of-the-art clinic, complete with an ambulatory operating room and a relaxing medical spa. When you undergo BodyTite treatment at our practice, you can relax and rest assured that you are receiving care from one of America's top cosmetic surgeons.

So what happens during a BodyTite procedure?

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What to Expect during Treatment

  1. First, Dr. Hurwitz will administer a combination of local anesthetic and oral sedation to ensure you remain comfortable and relaxed.
  2. Then, he will make a very small incision and gently insert a small cannula, or tube, under the skin which will apply controlled thermal energy.
  3. A radiofrequency electrode attached to the cannula is placed on top of the skin.
  4. The tube and electrode work together to eliminate fat cells while tightening the skin, causing uniform contraction.
  5. Dr. Hurwitz will carefully manipulate these two elements to accurately target problem areas for tighter, smoother-looking skin.

Take a Closer Look at the BodyTite Procedure

Take a Closer Look at the BodyTite Procedure


The combination of thermal and radiofrequency energy allows for highly accurate and even treatment of excess fat and skin.

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BodyTite Offers a Quick Recovery Process

Typically, patients can return to normal activities within two to 10 days of their procedure.

During recovery, you should:

  • Avoid high-impact activities until Dr. Hurwitz advises otherwise
  • Wear your compression garment as instructed
  • Manage discomfort with over-the-counter pain medication

You may experience some minor bruising or numbness immediately after treatment. However, these symptoms typically resolve within a few days. Most patients report that their recovery has only a minor impact on their day-to-day lives.

Will BodyTite really give me the results I want?

Stunning Results

Final Effects Take about Six Months

Most patients begin to notice their first signs of improvement within one to three months of the procedure. You will likely experience full results within about six months

Generally, patients experience a substantial improvement after a single procedure. However, you can enhance your results with additional BodyTite treatments or with one of our other body contouring or non-surgical options.

I want a slimmer figure, but I don't think I can afford it...

How Much BodyTite Costs...

Depends on Your Goals

Your desired results play one of the largest roles in how much BodyTite costs. However, this minimally invasive option is typically much less expensive than other body contouring surgeries.

Dr. Hurwitz can discuss your goals with you during a consultation at our office and provide you with a customized cost estimate.

Is there any way to estimate my costs in advance?

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Factors Which Affect the Cost of Treatment

Are There Other Options for Me?

Explore Available Treatments

At Hurwitz Center for Plastic Surgery, we offer a wide range of procedures. Dr. Hurwitz has over 40 years of experience and can discuss your goals and perform an examination to determine which treatment is best for you.

While considering your options, keep in mind how invasive each procedure is and how much it costs, as well as how long you will need to set aside for your recovery.

So what are my other options?

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Choosing the Right Treatment for You

I am so impressed with the compassion and service I have received. My results are amazing and I cannot wait to get something else done. I will only come to Dr. Hurwitz in the future and only recommend Dr. Hurwitz to others.

Shawn P.

Dr. Dennis Hurwitz

Dr. Hurwitz
Dr. Hurwitz

For over 40 years,​ Dr. Hurwitz has constantly sought to improve existing procedures and create new treatments to ensure his patients receive the results they deserve as safely and comfortably as possible

For more information about treatment at Hurwitz Center for Plastic Surgery, contact our office online or call (412) 802-6100 today.

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