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Brazilian Butt Lift Can Create a Fuller, More Shapely Rear

Athletic woman’s rear end
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If you desire a firmer, more curvaceous rear end, a Brazilian butt lift procedure at our Pittsburgh, PA, practice can add shape and volume to dramatically enhance your figure. During the procedure, Dr. Dennis Hurwitz, F.A.C.S., will use liposuction to eliminate unwanted fat pockets from other areas of your body. Then he will transfer the fat cells to your buttocks, precisely contouring the area for a natural-looking appearance. A Brazilian butt lift can enhance your overall proportions and give you a much-needed boost of self-confidence. Contact the Hurwitz Center for Plastic Surgery to learn more and to find out if this procedure is right for you.*

Your Cosmetic Consultation

Dr. Hurwitz will carefully plan your procedure for your safety and satisfaction. When you first come to our clinic, you will discuss your unique cosmetic concerns and goals. Dr. Hurwitz will determine which areas of your body will most benefit from liposuction. Dr. Hurwitz will discuss what your buttocks will look like after your procedure, and you can request changes to your treatment plan, if desired. Come prepared with specific goals. Like many patients, you may find it helpful to bring pictures showing what you would like your figure to look like. At this consultation, Dr. Hurwitz will also explain what to expect during your recovery, and he will provide guidelines to speed healing.

The Butt Lift Procedure

The first step of a Brazilian butt lift consists of liposuction. Dr. Hurwitz can perform this treatment on virtually any area of your body. However, during a butt lift, he is most likely to treat your abdomen, thighs, hips, or lower back. He will numb the treatment area before inserting a small tube called a cannula. Using manual, ultrasound, or radio-frequency techniques, he will loosen the fat cells from the surrounding tissues. Then he will carefully suction them out through the cannula.

To isolate and purify the fat cells, Dr. Hurwitz will place the tissue in a centrifuge. He will select only the healthiest, most robust cells for use during your butt lift. Then he will inject the fat cells at varying depths in your buttocks. He will work carefully according to your initial treatment plan to help you achieve firm, natural-looking curves. The entire procedure will typically take just a few hours. Most patients experience minimal discomfort, thanks to a powerful local anesthesia.*

The Benefits of a Brazilian Butt Lift

A Brazilian butt lift can significantly enhance your overall appearance, as well as your self-esteem. A toned, curvaceous backside can improve the proportions and contours of your entire figure. Plus, because of the initial liposuction, the procedure can slim other areas. Because a Brazilian butt lift utilizes your body’s own tissue, it is a very safe procedure with virtually no risk of rejection or allergic reaction.*

Contact the Hurwitz Center

If you are considering a Brazilian butt lift, it is important to choose a surgeon with plenty of experience and a history of success. Contact our office today to learn more about this procedure and to schedule an appointment with Dr. Hurwitz. 

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