Excess fat and loose skin on the upper thighs can hide the effects of weight loss and be resistant to diet and exercise.

Dr. Dennis Hurwtiz is recognized as an expert in body contouring procedures. He offers thigh lift surgery to tighten and reduce sagging skin so you can feel more confident about your appearance.*

How can thigh lift surgery improve patients' quality of life?

Smooth and Tone Your Thighs*

What Can a Thigh Lift Do for Me?

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Are Thigh Lifts Safe?

With most patients safely achieving their goals with few to no complications, this procedure continues to grow in popularity. In an evaluation of 16 studies over the last 20 years, there were no major complications observed in the 447 patient sample. 

Who Can Benefit from a Thigh Lift?

Men and women who have undergone significant weight loss but do not plan to continue losing weight may make good candidates for a thigh lift. It can also be used to target sagging or dimpled skin in their upper thighs. However, there are a few requirements for qualifying for this procedure.

Benefit from Treatment by an Experienced Surgeon

Treating Patients since 1977

Dr. Hurwitz has been helping patients achieve the figures they desire for over 40 years. He incorporates the most advanced technology available to provide safer, more comfortable, and more effective treatment options.

At Hurwitz Center for Plastic Surgery, we have a state-of-the-art plastic surgery clinic, an ambulatory operating room, and a medical spa. You can undergo your thigh lift in the comfort and tranquility of our exquisitely remodeled facility.

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What to Expect during a Thigh Lift

There are several techniques Dr. Hurwitz can use to complete a thigh lift based on your specific goals. Thigh lift surgery is usually performed in a surgical suite or a hospital as an outpatient procedure.

  1. Dr. Hurwitz will mark your thighs where he plans to make the incision.
  2. We will provide sedation to ensure your comfort.
  3. Dr. Hurwitz will create incisions in a discreet area of your thigh.
  4. Then, he will remove excess skin and fat and tighten the remaining skin to create a more toned appearance.
  5. Finally, Dr. Hurwitz will skillfully close the incisions to minimize scarring.

Take a Closer Look at the Process...

Types of Thigh Lifts

Inner Thigh Lift

Inner thigh lift involves an incision at the top of the inner thigh, in the crease where the thigh meets the pubic area, so the resulting scars are typically easily hidden by clothing. He will remove fat and trim away extra skin, then shape and tighten the area for a more aesthetic appearance.*

The various thigh lift techniques utilize incisions that are carefully placed to be as discreet as possible.

Bilateral Thigh Lift

A bilateral or outer thigh lift involves a V-shaped incision on the outer thigh, just below the hip area. The width of the incision will depend upon your unique needs and desired outcome. After removing fat and skin, Dr. Hurwitz will lift the tissue and suture it in place for a tighter, smoother appearance on the outer thigh.*

Medial Thigh Lift

The medial thigh lift is indicated when the patient is concerned with the appearance of the upper, inner thigh. Dr. Hurwitz will incise the area beneath the buttock, in the crease, and he may also need to make an incision at the groin or on part of the leg. As with other thigh lift surgeries, the doctor will remove excess fat and skin, then reshape the remaining tissue for the most attractive results.

Mini Thigh Lift

Mini thigh lift is performed similarly to the inner thigh lift and is best suited for patients who require only a minimal reduction of fat and skin in this area. A small incision is required, which makes recovery shorter than other thigh lift techniques.*

See the Difference a Thigh Lift Can Make

Recovery and Healing

After the procedure, you will need to follow the instructions provided during your pre-operative consultation. Generally, you will need assistance with regular daily activities during the first week of recovery. Short walks are important to your recovery, but be careful not to overdo it. Take pain medications as prescribed, and expect swelling, soreness, and bruising. You will need to attend a follow-up visit about one week after your procedure with Dr. Hurwitz. You should feel ready to return to work within two or three weeks. Although some immediate effects may be evident, the full results should become apparent several months after your procedure.*

Dr. Dennis Hurwitz

Dr. Hurwitz

Dr. Hurwitz

For over 40 years,​ Dr. Hurwitz has constantly sought to improve existing procedures and create new treatments to ensure his patients receive the results they deserve as safely and comfortably as possible

For more information about treatment at Hurwitz Center for Plastic Surgery, contact our office online or call (412) 802-6100 today.

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