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Achieve the Perky, Youthful Bust You Desire

Dr. Dennis Hurwitz in Pittsburgh, PA, performs breast lift surgery to counteract the effects of aging, gravity, pregnancy, and other factors. In addition to refining the skin envelope of the breast, a breast lift can reposition the nipple and areola to make your breasts appear fuller, rounder, and more symmetrical. Dr. Hurwitz will take careful note of your goals to deliver natural-looking results that complement your entire figure. He has extensive experience in breast surgery, and a track record of providing patients with a beautiful silhouette using refined breast lift techniques.*

breast lift

A breast lift can counteract the effects of aging, gravity, weight loss, pregnancy, and breastfeeding.

Benefits of Breast Lift Surgery

Breast lift surgery performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon can provide:

  • Increased self-confidence
  • Perkier, more youthful-looking breasts
  • Expanded clothing options
  • Improved areolar shape and size that complements the entire breast* 

Explore Your Candidacy

Ideal candidates for this procedure are in good health and wishing to correct sagging breasts. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not undergo a breast lift. Generally, breast lifts are only recommended for women who are finished having children, as future pregnancies can alter the results of the surgery. 

If you are interested in a breast lift, you should be at a stable weight without plans for major weight loss. However, after weight loss, this treatment can restore the firmness and shape of your breasts. You may wish to combine a breast lift with other body sculpting treatments, such as liposuction or an arm lift. Dr. Hurwitz specializes in total body lifts, which can further transform your appearance after weight loss.*

Good questions to ask yourself if you are considering a breast lift include: 

  • Do my nipples seem to point downward?
  • Does my nipple or areola sit below the breast crease?
  • Are my breasts asymmetrical, disproportionate, or unusually shaped?
  • Am I happy with the size of my breasts while wearing a bra?

It is important to have realistic expectations about your procedure before undergoing a breast lift. Dr. Hurwitz can discuss your goals and concerns during a consultation to ensure that you understand your options. It is possible that a different type of breast surgery is better suited to your needs and cosmetic desires. At the Hurwitz Center for Plastic Surgery, we strive to match the right procedure to each client to ensure that they are satisfied with their results.

Types of Breast Lift Surgery

Every patient's needs are unique. Dr. Hurwitz performs several different types of breast lift surgery. He will recommend an approach based on the extent of treatment you require.

Periareolar Lift

Dr. Hurwitz performs periareolar breast lift (crescent lift) procedures for patients with minimal sagging. It involves a semicircular incision that follows the upper half of the areola, where the light skin meets the darker skin. Dr. Hurwitz can remove a portion of breast skin above the areola before closing the incision. 

Circumareolar Lift

Circumareolar incisions span the full circumference the areola. One incision follows the edge of the areola, and another is created farther outward. This approach allows for slightly more lift than the periareolar lift, as well as areolar reshaping and reduction, if necessary. After removing excess skin, Dr. Hurwitz can close the incisions. 

Vertical Lift

A vertical breast lift combines one or more circumareolar incisions with another extending vertically from the bottom of the areola to the lower breast crease. This type of lift is also called a "lollipop" lift because of the shape the incisions create. Through this incision, Dr. Hurwitz can remove excess tissue before closing the incisions. 

Traditional Breast Lift

A traditional breast lift, also called an anchor lift, combines the incisions used in a vertical breast lift with another following the lower crease of the breast. This type of lift can benefit patients experiencing the most advanced stages of breast ptosis, or sagging.


Breast lifts are typically performed as an outpatient procedure under general anesthesia. The procedure generally lasts between one and two hours. Dr. Hurwitz may provide you with a compression garment to minimize swelling and foster proper healing. 

You will likely experience some soreness or swelling after treatment. Dr. Hurwitz may prescribe pain medication to ensure your comfort as you heal. 

If sagging breasts are causing you to feel self-conscious, Dr. Hurwitz's expertise and artistic approach to breast lift surgery can help you look and feel your best.*

Most patients require about a week of downtime before returning to work and other activities. You will need to relax for the first few days and get plenty of rest. You should avoid strenuous activities, especially bending or lifting. For the first two to six weeks after your breast lift, you should limit your exercise to walking until otherwise instructed by Dr. Hurwitz. 

Caring for Scars

As with most surgeries, a breast lift will result in scarring. However, there are steps you can take to minimize the appearance of scars. Wearing your compression garment or bra as instructed and gently massaging the area can help. Other methods for reducing scarring include avoiding smoking, reducing alcohol and caffeine consumption, eating a healthy diet, and staying hydrated. It is also very important to minimize sun exposure by covering scars with clothing and using a strong sunblock. With proper care, your scars will fade as you heal.*

Breast Lift with Implants

Many patients choose to undergo a combination of breast augmentation and a breast lift. This involves placing a silicone or saline breast implant during breast lift surgery to add volume and projection in addition to a lift. If you choose to combine these two procedures, Dr. Hurwitz will help you choose the right kind of implant, the appropriate size, and the placement method (above or below the pectoral muscle) based on the results you wish to achieve.

Enhance Your Figure and Your Confidence

If sagging breasts are causing you to feel self-conscious, Dr. Hurwitz's expertise and artistic approach to breast lift surgery can help you look and feel your best.* Contact the Hurwitz Center for Plastic Surgery online or call us at (866) 473-2570 today to schedule a consultation.

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