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Breast Reconstruction from a Compassionate Surgeon

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The loss of a breast, whether because of a mastectomy, injury, or an illness, can take a huge toll on your emotional and mental wellbeing. Breast reconstruction, performed by Dr. Dennis Hurwitz, F.A.C.S., can restore your silhouette and your self-esteem. At the Hurwitz Center for Plastic Surgery, we can perform breast reconstruction using both flap and implant techniques. Dr. Hurwitz offers respectful, personalized care. He will carefully determine your needs and recommend the right type of breast reconstruction for you. Dr. Hurwitz is dedicated to working meticulously to achieve beautiful, natural-looking results. To learn more about breast reconstruction, contact our Pittsburgh, PA, practice today.*

Breast Reconstruction Techniques

Dr. Hurwitz can use one of several different methods to rebuild your breast. The right technique for you will depend on your overall health, body type, and personal preferences.

DIEP Flap Reconstruction

The deep inferior epigastric perforator (DIEP) is the main blood vessel running behind your abdominal wall. To perform DIEP flap reconstruction, Dr. Hurwitz will take tissue from this area, using it to create a new breast mound. Using a highly precise technique, he will connect blood vessels in this new tissue to those in your chest. DIEP flap reconstruction can yield highly natural results, and as your own tissue is used, there is no risk that your body will reject the new tissue. However, the procedure will leave scars on your stomach, and it involves a longer recovery time than other techniques. You must have enough abdominal tissue to qualify for this method.*

TRAM Flap Reconstruction

If you undergo TRAM flap reconstruction, Dr. Hurwitz will use your stomach muscle (transverse rectus abdominis) to recreate your breast. He may fully remove a portion of the muscle. Then he will reattach it to the blood vessels in your breast area. In other cases, he may leave the muscle partially attached to your stomach, reducing the amount of surgery needed. Using this technique, Dr. Hurwitz can create highly lifelike breasts. However, like the DIEP technique, it will involve a lengthy recovery and additional incisions.*

Reconstruction with Breast Implants

Breast reconstruction using implants is the simplest method, although flap techniques will provide results that look and feel more natural. Dr. Hurwitz may use expandable implants, often placed at the same time as your mastectomy. At routine visits, he will gradually inflate the implants. As he does, the overlying skin will be slowly stretched. When the implant is fully expanded, Dr. Hurwitz will remove it and place your final implant. In some cases, he can also place a saline or silicone implant with no need for expansion. You must have enough remaining breast tissue to qualify for an immediate implant.

Benefits and Other Considerations

The breast reconstruction procedure will vary significantly, depending on the technique you select. No matter the specifics of your procedure, you will benefit from Dr. Hurwitz’s personal concern and surgical skill. Your breast reconstruction will take place under general anesthesia. Afterwards, you will typically spend one or more nights in the hospital. Breast reconstruction is an extensive surgery, and you will need to rest for several weeks after your procedure. Dr. Hurwitz will guide you as you return to work, exercise, and other activities.

Breast reconstruction can have enormous benefits for your appearance and quality of life. You can achieve a figure that looks more balanced and proportionate. It can also make it easier to find form-fitting clothes and swimwear. Most importantly, breast reconstruction can restore your sense of wholeness. After battling a life-threatening illness, you deserve to feel great about your body.*

Schedule a Consultation with Dr. Hurwitz

Dr. Hurwitz is highly regarded for his clinical skill and attention to detail. Most importantly, his patients rely on his respectful concern. If you are considering breast reconstruction, contact our office to find out how Dr. Hurwitz can help you achieve your treatment goals. 

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