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Dr. Dennis Hurwitz works with one of the premier women's hospital in the country. Skilled care and thoughtful consideration will make your stay comfortable, safe, and successful. After surgery, we will treat you to a stay in our specially prepared hotel rooms. Follow up care continues for years to come to ensure the best result.

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We are very pleased to be working with Magee-Womens Hospital, one of the premier women’s hospital in the country and you have the advantages of the most skilled care and thoughtful considerations throughout your stay. It is being remodeled and is in the center of the medical center of the University of Pittsburgh. The patients will come in the day of surgery, though we marked as necessary. The procedure will be done and spend time in the recovery room, followed by a night or two in the hospital being taken care of. Following that, we are happy that you will be at our nearby hotel, the Wyndham Gardens Hotel where they are specially designed to take care of our patients with rooms specially designated for the postoperative care and you will be seen by me or one of my staff everyday that you are here in Pittsburgh which can take several weeks of convalescence. I am Brooke. I am a physician assistant here at the Hurwitz Center. For postop care, I am always either in the office or available by phone. I have an email address that we get lots of e-mails and answer questions that way. We are always available either here in the office or by phone for any concerns or questions. Our patients are seen in follow-up care for years to come to be sure they are healing well and the outcome as desired. When patients are in the area of Pittsburgh of course we see them in our office in Oakland. Otherwise, we communicate with our patients through the internet, the telephone, and as I travel around the country, there are often opportunities for me to visit them at other locations.

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