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Medical Aesthetician Pittsburgh


Molly Wagner, a medical aesthetician discusses the life-changing procedures available at Hurwitz Center for Plastic Surgery. Specializing in services such as areola coloring after breast reconstruction and permanent makeup tattooing, Molly has a first-hand look at the incredibly results the office is capable of providing.

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I have been with Dr. Hurwitz for the last, almost 14 years now and I joined him when he was in private practice and about a year after I had joined him he had rejoined the University of Pittsburgh. So I had an opportunity to work with Dr. Hurwitz and eleven other plastic surgeons. So I have had the opportunity to have 12 plastic surgeons teaching me and educating me over the last 7½-8 years. The procedures that we offer here is we do a medical tattoo where we actually go in and tattoo a woman’s areola. After the doctor has gone in and she has had breast cancer, they have built or made a new breast and they make a new nipple and then we go in and color the areolas. It takes a series of treatments, sometimes one, sometimes up to six depending on the individual. We also offer tattooing when we do the eyebrows, color the eyebrows, do the eyeliner and also offer lip color and we can do a little bit of camouflage makeup to cover or to darken a scar.

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