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Plastic Surgery Procedure Pittsburgh


Dr. Dennis Hurwitz and his highly trained staff go to great lengths to determine the needs and goals of each patient in order to create a customized treatment plan. The team spends lots of time determining each patient's priorities and then pursuing their expectations with great care and meticulous attention to detail.

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My staff would like to inform all my patients of what is involved in the areas they are interested in and they can even give them a range of prices to expect, but I personally want to see everyone, to find out from them what bothers them, what are their problems, what are their interests, and what is it that is driving them towards improving their contours, their self image as we spend a considerable amount of time discussing what makes them tic and what they want done. I will evaluate them of course and come up with an operative plan, which they can decide on what aspects they want to prioritize and how many procedures they would like to do in a given day. My job is to guide each of our patients through the entire surgical process starting from after they leave our surgeon’s office they are referred to my office and I spend a lot of time with them to make sure all of their questions and concerns are answered. We go over everything; surgeons give them their surgeon’s fees, once they come into my office, I add the additional OR and anesthesia fees and I give them all their paperwork. There is a lot of paperwork. We go over everything to make sure they understand everything that they are signing. I think I spend more time with our patients than most other doctors’ offices. I also think that our doctors do to. That is really important. Most folks when they leave here tell me that. They state that they are very impressed with the amount of time that they were rushed. You know, we want you to stay, we do not want you to leave until you feel very confident and you feel excited about the surgery. It should be exciting and it cannot be exciting if you have too many questions. It cannot be exciting if you are too nervous. So my job is to make sure that you are not nervous and you are happy and excited before you leave.

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