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Total Body Lift Pittsburgh


Dr. Dennis Hurwitz' signature procedure is the total body lift designed for young, healthy, and motivated individuals who want to accomplish as much plastic surgery as possible at once. Lifting the butt and abdominal skin and thinning the thighs provides an all-inclusive result.

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The total body lift is my original comprehensive approach to correcting the sagging skin and of contour deformity after weight loss, pregnancies, and aging. It is a unified approach, which will take everything from the arms, through the body, breasts, and thighs and in as few stages as possible correct them. The total body lift is my signature procedure and is reserved for individuals that are young and they are healthy and they are fit and highly motivated to accomplish as much surgery as possible and to do that we have a team that consists of thinning down the arms, reducing the breasts and shaping them properly, removing rolls of skin around the upper body, taking out the excess abdominal skin, and lifting up the butt, and finally thinning out the thighs so they do not shake and they are proper dimensions. What we have done for the non-weight loss patient is artfully combined liposuction and abdominoplasty, perhaps with a breast reshaping all in one procedure so that they do not have to have multiple operations and they are actually better coordinated for a better torso shape. We are very pleased that the vast majority of our patients have found this is a life affirming and changing event having their body totally lifted and they are forever grateful for this rare opportunity to have performed here where we do this on a regular basis. We would love to send you a copy of my book “Total Body Lift” which details my evolution of developing this field and the techniques we use.

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