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Total Body Lift Patient Pittsburgh


Krista, one of Dr. Dennis Hurwitz' patients, came in to Hurwitz Center for Plastic Surgery for a total body lift after she underwent bariatric surgery. Once her excess skin was gone, she felt free; she could focus on the important things in life without being distracted by her appearance.

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When I first arrived, I had done quite a bit of research to find a really good doctor and was really confident and was very pleased at how I was treated when I arrived. Everything was handled very professionally from the very beginning. Before I had my total body lift, I had had gastric bypass surgery, and as a result of the dramatic weight loss, I had hanging skin over my entire body, which required the total body lift, and after having been conscious of fat then I was conscious of skin hanging. So I still had just a general attitude of lower self-esteem as I walk through my day and after going through the total body lift, I just feel so much better. My thoughts are occupied by other things and this, I feel so strongly about this. I am able to be a better mom, be just a better person as I walk through my day. I do not have to be thinking about what my body looks like and I can wear regular clothes. I do not have to wear baggy clothes. It has just made my life so much more comfortable than a greater quality of life since my total body lift. Dr. Hurwitz has been very good to me. I respect his skill and his art. He has really changed my life.

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I honestly never thought of myself as a serious candidate for elective surgery ... but I’m already feeling and looking so much better.* Jill's Story

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