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The Benefits of Radiesse® Pittsburgh


A news program discusses the many benefits of Radiesse®. This "lunchtime lift" can be used to "turn back the clock" for women who want to eliminate some wrinkles and fine lines. Hurwitz Center for Plastic Surgery professionals express how dramatically Radiesse® can improve one's appearance.

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This is a brand new no knife procedure that might just be the next lunchtime lift. Could it be bigger than Botox? Well image 15, perhaps 20 minutes, a little numbing cream, a quick injection, and you are back to work, Wendy. Yes Mike. The Food and Drug Administration has just approved the new wrinkle filler called Radiesse®. It is an injectable cream that can immediately fill deep folds like these, the ones around your mouth. It apparently lasts twice as long or even longer than other fillers on the market right now. So tonight we visit the Oakland Plastic Surgery Group that is training other surgeons how to use it and we watch as three local women hope to turn back the clock a little bit. For every Penelope, Katherine, Sarah, Jessica, and Nisha, there are millions of us out there just regular people who want to look better. Not perfect, just rejuvenated. I just would like to look a little fresher than I look right now. Just shave a little bit of time off. Today 48-year-old Lisa Zopala and Wendy Cox and 42-year-old Karen Wimerskur hope to turn these hands back a touch. They have come to the Hurwitz Center for Plastic Surgery for a new nonsurgical procedure. Today patients are asking what can you do for me that is not too risky, and may be I can get back in fast and we are offering that. It is called Radiesse®. We are going to be injecting in your nasolabial fold. Dr. Siamak Agha shows us how Radiesse® works just approved by the FDA as a facial filler. Radiesse® is different from other products on the market like JUVÉDERM® or Restylane® because it lasts two to three times longer. We are talking 9 to 18 months. It is a real art. I mean not only you have to appreciate the defect but also you have to recontour it, you have to imagine what the outcome will be, and you have to resculpt somebody’s face with it. Dr. Agha injects Radiesse® into the deep folds around Karen’s numbed mouth and into the lines above her jaw. Total time here about 15 minutes. You like your results so far? I love it. Wendy Cox does not need a facelift but the former smoker does want the lines around her lips erased. It is just the last few years I have started to feel a little older and I would like to take a little bit of that off. She would also like some deeper grooves near her chin smoothed out a bit. You told me that you do not like these two depressed areas, so we are going to try to fill them up for you tonight. Dr. Agha uses Botox to smooth the wrinkles around Wendy’s eyes and her lips and then he uses Radiesse® to fill those deeper folds right along her jaw line. We would probably put a little bit here in the prejowl area. Lisa just wants to look fresher. Dr. Agha uses Botox to lift Lisa’s eyelids and her brows and Radiesse® to fill the folds from her nose to her mouth and those subtle jaw line grooves. One week later, we meet up with the ladies to see what they think. I am very happy. It is a subtle difference but I can see it and I feel it and it really makes you feel good about yourself. This was Lisa before with the wrinkles between her brows and the lines above her jaw line and this is Lisa after, fresher, more awake looking. I feel like I look happy now instead of looking hard or tired. It has made me feel more lively. Here is Wendy before and after. Smoother, more alert, those wrinkles around her mouth gone. And Karen, it just, I don’t know how to describe it. It makes you just feel better about yourself. Ya, look at Karen before, tired, her face looking drawn, and now after, smoother, happier, younger. Is it exciting to see how these people respond? Absolutely. It is wonderful. And the benefit of Radiesse® is that it is longer lasting than other fillers. You should see the effects for a full 9 to 18 months, not the 3 to 6 with other products. It costs about $1200 a syringe and all the ladies you just saw all had one syringe a piece. Lisa experienced a little bit of bruising for a few days but other than that the ladies really jumped right back into their normal routines the next day.

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