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Total Body Lift Patient Pittsburgh


A patient has lost 150 pounds after gastric bypass surgery, and now Dr. Dennis Hurwitz will perform a total body lift to reduce the excess skin and fat left over.

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Now Inside Edition with Debra Dorvell. __ a school outside of Pittsburgh. It was like getting a new teacher. It was definitely the same woman at the head of the class, but she certainly did not look like she used to, thanks to a full body lift. Thirty-two-year-old Dawn Kennedy is getting a full body lift. She lost a 150 pounds after a gastric bypass operation and now has lots of excess skin and she wants to get rid of it. She will have a breast lift and a stomach lift. Her back will be lifted and so will her bottom. All this area here I am coloring with the purple. Dr. Dennis Hurwitz is Dawn’s plastic surgeon. So what used to be once or twice a year for us in Pittsburgh, we are doing this every week. Dawn is taken into the operating room. Now we cannot show you most of what is being done here because it is drastic, dramatic, and bloody and takes almost nine hours. The team works on one side of Dawn from back in her legs and then on her stomach and breasts. Her recovery will take a very long time. This is Dawn just one month later. She is far from healed and is still swollen but you can certainly see the difference. I am definitely happy and I can see where it is going to go and it is definitely going to make things better. During her full body lift, doctors removed a total of 18 pounds of flesh and fat. At her heaviest, Dawn was a size 30. She is now at 12 and hopes to be at 10 before long. This was her stomach before and here is what it looks like today and she is already getting positive feedback from her young students. One kid looked at me and looked up and down, and, “You look different, you have got skinny, where have you been?”

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