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Reconstructive Surgery Pittsburgh


Brittany began having reconstructive surgery with Dr. Dennis Hurwitz when she was only a few months old to correct her cleft lip. Now, Brittany lives confidently with her appearance and is incredibly grateful for the work of Dr. Hurwitz.

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Dr. Hurwitz took on Brittany as a patient when she was tiny. I have had a lot of surgeries to correct the cleft lip and palate. Starting with the first time when I was just a couple of months old and finishing up just recently with my last surgery in February and without the surgery, I could not be the person I am today. Dr. Hurwitz was instrumental in making Brittany who she is today. He gave her the self-confidence to go out and do anything she wanted to do. She just always had a good self-image and he gave her that gift. I believe god gave Dr. Hurwitz a gift and he uses it to help these kids. I would like to say thank you for everything that you have done over the years. Thank you for helping me get through the difficult times in my life and helping me along so that I could be the person that I am today.

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