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Total Body Lift Candidate Pittsburgh


Dr. Dennis Hurwitz' patient, Maria, undergoes a total body lift after losing a large amount of weight after plastic surgery. After having excess skin removed, Maria is less susceptible to infection and low confidence.

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In health cast now special report tonight, you know that losing large amounts of weight that can lead to another problem. Ya, you are left with large amounts of unwanted skin. Well, now there is a way to get rid of that too. It is called a total body lift. Our medical editor, Marilyn Brooks, followed a patient through this amazing surgical technique, Marilyn. It is quite amazing, it really is. Now you know skin it __ over a 100 or more pounds for a long period of time. Well, this story is about what happens to that skin and what some are doing to get rid of it. Size 8, she said she had lost 190 pounds but not the skin that covered those pounds. There were days when I would look at my body the way that it was now and be more uncomfortable than when I was heavy. I thought, boy, maybe I should put some back on, and I did not want to do that after what I had just done to change everything. So she took out a $20000 second mortgage and went from looking like this to this in one operation. The payoff is certainly more than just cosmetic. The redundant skin flapping on itself is a source of infection, chronic infections, which can lead to abscesses and cellulitis. It is of medical importance to correct that problem. In addition, that hanging skin is a drag on her back and may be while she is young she won’t notice it, but over the years it will pay its price, and better get rid of it sooner than later. After much homework, Maria decided Dr. Hurwitz would be the one to change her body and her life. In one operation, he removed 17 pounds of skin from her body. He calls it the total body lift. We are talking about one incision here and one here, the loose skin in between gets removed and you are left with one scar. One around the bikini line, one around the bra line, and may be one on the arm. __ on me it did not hurt but my lower legs, but that’s all worth it. Wow, it certainly is. Now usually a body lift is done in two or three stages but it takes four weeks recovery every time. Currently Dr. Hurwitz is the only plastic surgeon that I know of in this area who does the total body lift in one operation and Scott, Mitchell for obvious reasons he is real picky about who he has to do that operation and he only takes the patients he thinks that can withstand it but oh wee, what a beautiful thing. Ya, what a difference. Good for them. Risky, but nice. You look very happy, both of them. I will catch up with Deborah.

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