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A few of Dr. Dennis Hurwitz' appearances in the media are highlighted here to express his incredible expertise.

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Dr. Hurwitz’s impact on plastic surgery across the United States has being awe-inspiring. Please welcome plastic surgeon and author of the “Total Body Lift” Dr. Dennis Hurwitz. This is as big as plastic surgery gets. As the patients lose weight, they are going to be saddled with the problem of excess skin. I am Dr. Andrew Warden. I am the medical director of the Roxbury Clinic and Surgery Center. Welcome to Beverly Hills 90210. Dr. Hurwitz is an international expert. He is really at the top of his game in body lifting. The total body lift is a comprehensive and complete approach to the sagging skin, breasts, buttocks, thighs that could be done with a team of surgeons under my direction in as few stages as possible. Total body lift is an original, safe, proven, and effective way to remove loose skin from the body. Some will turn to the total body lift for solution. They are looking for improvement and better quality of life. We will be able to integrate that now in a total body image clinical pathway. It becomes very important. I think it will be one of the many frontiers to explore in bariatric surgery, weight loss surgery in future. Well there are a number of things that make the Roxbury Clinic and Surgery Center a real special location. Number one it is a setting itself here in Beverly Hills 90210, we have a great penthouse type setting, great views, Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Hollywood, and then number two, it is all about the staff. I would like to think of ourselves as the plastic surgeons plastic surgeons. Discover health channel said that, you know, this wonderful doctor was doing a total body lift so I taped it, made sure that I watched it, and I was in awe. I mean the womens before and after was so remarkable that I thought he was like a god. I was at a point in my life where I think I needed a huge change. My patients are just elated. The concept is that with multiple surgeons who are all skilled and trained in the same techniques will be able to provide a much higher level of care. The role of a bariatric surgeon in a center like this is actually very exciting. We get to talk to patients about not only the clinical aspects of what their health will be with weight loss but also something that we have come to some how get away from in bariatrics which is the cosmetic improvement. Obviously it is all about setting and all about the people that we have brought in to have around us. Feel like my dreams are all that much closer to have possibly coming true and here we are today. I am excited.

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