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Dr. Dennis Hurwitz makes an appearance on the Doctors to explain is creation of the total body lift. Dr. Hurwitz discusses the importance of such a lift after gastric bypass surgery become so popular.

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Dr. Ordon: Nobody else on the planet is doing what we are doing here today. Announcer: Five surgeons, eight hours. Dr. Stork: One of the most complex surgeries that we have ever done. Dr. Ordon: We lifted her back, buttocks, thighs, abdomen and her breasts. Announcer: The stunning results. Coming up right now, on The Doctors, where M.D. meets T.V. Dr. Stork: Hey. So today we are going to take you inside one of the most complex surgeries that we have ever done. It took eight hours, five surgeons and a whole lot of care to help Amanda. At her heaviest, she weighed close to 400 pounds. She was so frustrated, that she opted for gastric bypass surgery, and as you can see, it left her 180 pounds thinner, and certainly healthier, but with pounds of extra hanging loose skin that had nowhere to go. It is absolutely fascinating. We are here with Dr. Dennis Hurwitz, he the creator of the Total Body Lift, and is also author of the book by the same name. Welcome! Dr. Hurwitz: You know, Travis, about ten years ago, minimally invasive gastric bypass surgery became reality. So, about eight years ago, I decided there had to be a better way, thinking about teamwork, and I think it is a revolution in plastic surgery. Dr. Stork: Exactly. An extreme plastic surgery. It's called the Total Body Lift. Transformation has been years in the making. She started out tipping the scale at nearly 400 pounds, then she had gastric bypass, lost 180 pounds, but was left with a lot of extra saggy skin, and now it has been three weeks since her surgery. She is here today to show us her new body. I do not know about you, but I cannot wait to see the new Amanda. I want to take one last look at what she looked like before. Are you all ready? Audience: Yeah. Dr. Stork: Amanda, come on out! Awesome. Amanda, how do you feel? Amanda: Amazing. Dr. Ordon: We are going to put this in perspective. Amanda: Those were tight when I wore them. Laughs] [Applause] Amanda: I would never believe that three weeks after the surgery I could sit here, I could wear this, that I could talk to you, and have a decent conversation. Dr. Ordon: Three weeks is nothing. And she is still a work in progress, right, Dennis? Dr. Hurwitz: There is no question about it. I understand you went down from a 16... Amanda: To a 12. Dr. Hurwitz: To a 12. And you are going to be in an 8. Amanda: That is the part I am really excited about. Dr. Stork: For more information on anything you saw in today's show, or if you want to go to our message board, please go to www.thedoctorstv.com. Have a great day; we will see you next time.

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