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Total Body Lift Process Pittsburgh


Dr. Dennis Hurwitz, the creator of the total body lift, explains the entire process for his patient, Roberta. By combining upper- and lower-body lifts, Dr. Hurwitz can remove the excess skin causing his patient discomfort and lack of self-esteem.

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Narrator: The total body lift. This procedure lifts all the drooping skin from neck to knees in a single trip to the OR. Developed by Dr. Dennis Hurwitz, the total body lift is his signature procedure. Dr. Hurwitz: I've found that after correcting the lower body, many patients were disappointed that the upper body would await correction for another six months or so. And so in highly selected patients like Roberta, who were young, not too big anymore, who were healthy; I give them the opportunity to do it all at once. Hello, Roberta, 100 pounds, and she did it all by dieting, a very noble act. We're going to take this malshapen figure and make a beautiful woman again. All right. Now it's the tummy here that's really an issue, isn't it? Roberta: Right. Dr. Hurwitz: Literally, all of this excess skin will be removed, and then we'll have a nice scar line right across here. All right, so this is the thigh lift, the abdominoplasty, the lower body lift. That's part one. Narrator: Part two is the upper body. The breast work is complicated because it's also the upper lift, so we'll actually move your breast away and raise the upper part of your skin here, because the tummy tuck does not take care of this part up here. We don't understand why, but once the skin has been stretched out for years, it won't shrink back. It requires surgical treatment.

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