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Advanced Planning with 3D Plastic Surgery Imaging


3D imaging is available from Hurwitz Center for Plastic Surgery to help patients visualize what their final plastic surgery results will look like. 3D plastic surgery imaging can be used for breast augmentation, face lift surgery, rhinoplasty, and more. Dr. Dennis Hurwitz uses 3D imagery to help explain to patients their options and better understand their unique goals.

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We use a variety of advanced technology to help in the treatment of our patients. I am particularly pleased to offer 3D imagery. The three dimensional imagery allows us to take pictures of the body and re-shape them electronically; whether it's for breast augmentation or for facelift surgery. We offer digital imaging both in two and three dimensions, and this allows us to analyze what the problems are and to actually change them in front of your eyes in two dimensions, and actually three dimensions. So, we can put a virtual implant under the breast and you can see ahead of time what you are going to look like. 3D imagery is simple photography to allow you to see the three dimensions, and does not involve any X-Ray exposure. We find 3D imagery invaluable in properly selecting the right size and style of implants for breast augmentation surgery. We also use it to shape noses for our rhinoplasty, or chins. So, on a regular basis, we are able to predict the results we can achieve. Throughout my career, plastic surgery has evolved and will continue to do so. We have been proud to be a part of that, and we are committed to offering cutting edge technology with artistry, for every patient.

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