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Your Body Contouring Surgery Options


Because Dr. Dennis Hurwitz can combine several body contouring surgery procedures according to each patient's unique needs. Dr. Hurwitz can provide a total body lift for patients who have several areas they would like to address across their bodies. Many patients have aging, wrinkled skin, while others have excess skin after pregnancy or massive weight loss. Because Dr. Hurwitz has expert assistance, he can perform many body contouring surgeries in his own operating room in the most efficient manner possible.

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Dr. Hurwitz: Body contouring surgery often includes a variety of operations, even done at a single time. Such as an arm reduction, breast reduction, breast augmentation, abdominoplasty, and these are best done in a combined manner. And since we have a team of experts to work with me, we can offer you a complete, even a total body lift in a single setting. Those who seek body-contouring surgery come to us with a variety of issues. Many of them are mothers after pregnancies requiring breast and abdominal recontouring. Others have lost massive amounts of weight with sheaths of skin. They'd be an ideal candidate for this complex surgery. And some with aging, having wrinkled skin, this can be tightened amongst the arms or the thighs. There are a variety of presentations that service the ideal candidate. Body contouring operations are rather lengthy and when you combine them, they can last four or five hours. But with the assistance of experts like I have, we have it most efficient and safely done. If necessary, it could be done in a hospital, and allow for an overnight stay. Otherwise, we prefer to do it in our Quad ASF certified operating room. An important part of your treatment will be the proper preparation and after care from your operation. We want to be sure that your nutrition is adequate, and if not, we will provide the supplements and counseling you need to make you the best candidate. After your operation, we provide a complete array of services to speed your recovery, reduce your swelling, and improve your shape. Our esthecians and medical assistants will provide these types of therapies including Vaser shape so that you can quickly resume your activities. If you believe yourself to be a suitable candidate for total body lift surgery, please call the office, and if you found us through the website, this consultation is complimentary.

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