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Breast Procedures for Your Unique Needs


Dr. Dennis Hurwitz provides a full spectrum of breast procedures for his patients. Breast surgery includes breast reduction for too-large breasts, breast reconstruction for post-mastectomy patients, and breast augmentation with breast implants for patients who want larger breasts. Dr. Hurwitz listens closely to his patients to understand their unique needs and provide them options.

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In addition to cosmetic surgery of the breasts, such as breast augmentation or mastopexy, we offer breast reconstruction. Typically that could be in the form of breast reduction where the breasts are too large and are actually a burden to the woman and we can reduce them and leave them artistically, better shaped. For those who have breast cancer or require the breast removal, we can rebuild the breast with our own tissue or breast implants and I have extensive experience working with breast cancer surgeons. After your operation we will ask you to take some medications, Antibiotics are routine and have been very helpful in preventing infections. In addition, you will experience pain and for some, very strong medication is necessary, others may not be so, but for either case, we'll take care of you and get you as comfortable as possible in those days after your operation. It's very important in the first days after your operation that you do nothing very physical to disrupt the areas we've worked in or we could have some severe swelling. Later on, we have to keep you toned down a little bit so you don't cause too much swelling and perhaps bleeding. But within a few weeks you can resume most activities. Undesirable changes in the body, large breasts, hanging skin are corrected because they don't look right but also there can be medical issues of excess weight pulling on the body, causing pain and discomfort. All of these can be relieved with the operations and there may be in indication for insurance preauthorization and payment. One of our more common operations is breast augmentation and we are pleased to do them efficiently and with the least amount of trauma, as such, recovery is routinely rather quick. So within a week, our women are back to doing the things they like to do but no vigorous exercising for a month. If you're interested in learning more about breast augmentation and these other operations, please call the office. We'll be happy to answer your questions and arrange for a consultation, which if you've watched this website, is complimentary.

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