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Rewind the Years with Facial Rejuvenation


Facial rejuvenation addresses aging that occurs as patients age. Dr. Dennis Hurwitz provides techniques including face lift, removal of excess skin, and fat injections. These treatments can help patients meet their goals and achieve a rejuvenated look.

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Facial Rejuvenation are those procedures we do to give a more youthful appearance to the aging face. It's a combination of facelift, removal of loose skin, and adding fat to the face. Facial Rejuvenation can be applied to a wide variety of patients at different ages, depending on their desires. We have people that are ideal and they're only 48 years old, or 50. And we have women into their 70s that would be great candidates for Facial Rejuvenation Surgery. In addition to the facelift, commonly we add surgery of the eyes which we call Blepharoplasty, whereby we remove excess skin and fat, or even move the lower eyelid fat onto the cheek to give a nice transition between the eyelid and the cheek junction. We have a variety of procedures involved in Facial Rejuvenation. The fundamental operation tends to be a vertical facelift, where we lift everything up vertically. And we'll add to it the fat that we harvest from the tummy or the cheeks and jaw line. Upper and lower eyelids can be corrected, and the brow lifted. If you're interested in Facial Rejuvenation Surgery, please call and we can arrange for a consultation. And for those of you who have visited this website, it's complimentary.

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