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Dr. Dennis Hurwitz is able to provide the most advanced plastic surgery treatments by combining his experience and artistic vision with state-of-the-art techniques and technology. Dr. Hurwitz is world renowned for his work in body contouring surgery after weight loss and pregnancy. He has also been recognized for the natural-looking face lift results he provides patients. Our plastic surgery office is well equipped to provide a full spectrum of patient care.

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Dr. Hurwitz: I am able to deliver the highest quality plastic surgery using the most advanced technology and techniques anywhere in the region and that is the distinguishing feature. My patients get the benefit of talent, skill, experience, organization and my marvelous atmosphere. I am actually world renown for my ground-breaking work in body contouring surgery, particularly after weight loss or pregnancies or aging, and so I've written extensively and lectured throughout the world on the combination of operations that these patients need, from arms, to thighs, through their abdomen. In recent years, I've taken up a very active practice of facelift surgery, because the demand is there. I'm very pleased with the outcomes my patients are experiencing. For most of my early career, I was involved in craniofacial and facial surgery. In the late 90s with the growth of minimally invasive bariatric surgery, I was called upon to help these unfortunate patients who had so much loose skin. I took up the challenge and began my innovative surgery at that time and continued to this day to offer the most advanced but innovative body contouring surgery available anywhere. I'm primarily focused on aesthetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery of the face and body. We do breast reconstruction surgery, breast reduction surgery, skin cancer removals. But my major interest and focus are all those aspects that lead to more attractive features. Whether it be raising the jowls in the neck, or rhinoplasty, chin implants, breast implants, abdominoplasty, flabplasties. Plastic surgeons from around the country send me patients particularly for these difficult areas of the thighs and arms. Individuals come to me with a desire to improve their appearance, but they obviously have concerns. They're worried about their vanity and this expression of it, is it worth the risks? The troubles and risks we must share with them are of great concern. So we have to go through that and we have to explain to them that this is something done on a frequent basis and the best way to reduce their risks is to go to an experienced plastic surgeon that's board certified, like myself. I've seen many men and women who are so relieved when the final product comes out and their concerns about their self-centeredness and perhaps vanity, was really not an issue at all. They really enjoy a much greater quality of life after undergoing the surgery we're talking about. The risk they have to take are the same type of risks we have in everyday life, whether we drive a car or take an airplane. If we want to get from here to there, we have to accept there can be problems, serious problems along the way and they simply have to know I've seen it all and I'll get them through it if there's a problem. Several years ago, we designed and produced an excellent medical spa just one floor below our clinic and operating room and we staff it with experienced estheticians using the latest technology in laser, microdermabrasion, other skin products. It's a wonderful compliment to our surgical experience to prepare our patients for either face lift surgery, body contouring surgery and to treat them afterwards for a speedy recovery. There are some who don't elect to do surgery and what a non-invasive approach and our Medi Spa is skilled with the latest technology and techniques to help them look their best. Female Speaker: I do intense pulse lights for photo-facials, removing discoloration, brown spots, red vessels. We also here work with scars as far as trying to make them better, quicker, especially after body lifts because they don't heal as well or as quickly as facelifts do. Dr. Hurwitz: I think I'm actually the best choice in plastic surgery because I can combine talent, innate surgical skill, a great organization with wonderful support staff and incredible experience over a long career in both reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. So I apply all these attributes to every one of my patients so that they have the best possible outcomes for whatever they would like to have done. I am pleased to say that I am a world lecturer and repeatedly invited to forums in London, Rio de Janiero, to speak about body contouring surgery, facelift surgery and it gives me the opportunity not only to express and show my work, but to learn from the best in the world and to modify it and bring this knowledge and skills to my patients in everyday practice. So everybody's a winner. My patients are the beneficiaries and I can offer the best. In the course of these lectures, I take the time out to publish my work in book chapters and peer review articles and I have over 150 book chapters and articles to my credit.

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