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Advanced Plastic Surgery for Men


At Hurwitz Center for Plastic Surgery, our plastic surgery for men is designed to improve men's self confidence and appearance. From male body contouring to liposuction, plastic surgery for men has become an increasingly popular field. Dr. Dennis Hurwitz can create a customized treatment plan to meet each patient's needs.

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Dr. Hurwitz: Men have traditionally sought out certain series of operations. They want their eyelid bags taken care of, the loose skin above their eyelids. If their breast area is a little full, we call it gynecomastia, that can be corrected. And of course, they like tummy tucks too. But actually we're entering a new era in male body contouring surgery whether it be liposuction or excisional surgery. The game has changed. We're now offering etching and high definition of the muscularity of men to a quality never seen before and laser has been a great aid for that achievement. And the total concept of body contouring surgery, the skin is changed and tightened over the muscles so the male physique is best shown. So we're very excited about what we offer with male body contouring surgery whether it be through liposuction or laser or excisional surgery. Men are, by and large, very hesitant to come to a plastic surgeon, seeing that it is mostly for women. That's changing and it's changing dramatically because they can see these tremendous advantages they can get by proper aesthetic surgery that highlights the muscular form and masculinity. With our increasing sophistication, we find that the perfect candidate for male plastic surgery actually has a muscular physique that really is not readily seen but we can expose through a combination of liposuction and excisional therapies. That's the perfect candidate. Up until recently our male patients have not been getting their optimal treatment, where too often, as plastic surgeons applying techniques we've learned for women and their shaping, to men. Now it's a whole new era, and men are on their own getting surgery designed just for them. Patient: Doctor Hurwitz did laser body contouring as well as liposuction on me. I know that there 's a new air of confidence about me. My wife certainly has seen significant improvements in my attitude toward myself. Everyone else really doesn't know about it as much but they do see something different about me. They see me a little more confident in the way I carry myself. Dr. Hurwitz: The recovery time and effort is pretty much the same regardless of your sex. It really relates more to how much surgery is actually being done. You can expect just a few days off for liposuction to several weeks or a month for major excisional surgery. If a gentleman is interested in body shaping surgery, liposuction, call our office. We'll be able to arrange a consultation and if you've seen us through the website it will be complimentary.

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