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Explore Non-invasive Treatments at Our Medical Spa


The medical spa at Hurwitz Center for Plastic Surgery is equipped with the latest technology and run by a compassionate, experienced team. Led by Dr. Dennis Hurwitz, our med spa has several skin care and body shaping treatments that do not require any surgery to create great results. We provide microdermabrasions, medical tattooing, detoxing, and more.

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Speaker 1: We offer an amazing med spa, with a top of the line staff, with the latest in technology to meet your needs after surgery or for simple care, skin care, body shaping, without any operation necessary. Speaker 2: I am a medical esthetician. I take care of skin. I do pre-imposed treatments for Dr. Hurwitz. I have been with Dr. Hurwitz over twenty years and I started out in the early 90s doing glycolic acid peels and then we eventually went into the big microderm abrasions and of course we've expanded into light beams and lasers. I do intense pulse lights for photo-facials, removing discoloration, brown spots, red vessels. I do medical tattooing, from a woman who's gone through breast reconstruction, or could be a man. Dr. Hurwitz will go in and do reconstruction of the breast and he'll form the nipple and I go in and tattoo the areola. I do cosmetic tattooing. I do eyebrows, eyeliner, lips. I do scaring. We also work with scars as far as trying to make them better, quicker. Especially after body lifts because they don't heal as well or as quickly as face lifts do. We do individual patients that are just coming here to maintain their skin for health and beauty and we also do the medical side with Dr. Horowitz's patients. The main benefit that we do here is we want to have a good healthy skin pre-surgery so that whenever Dr. Hurwitz goes in and does the surgeries, the skin will heal faster, better, with less bruising hopefully, and with less swelling to the skin. I haven't had a facelift yet. But what I want to do is have the best possible skin. The more treatments that I get on myself and I maintain the health and beauty of my skin about every six weeks. Four to six weeks and it keeps my skin healthier, fresher and little dewier looking as I get older. We like to have people coming off the street that they choose to just use us as a spa where they can have a lot of different services that we offer. We also have a medical side where we do pre-imposed treatments before surgeries to get the skin ready and the bodies ready before the treatments occur and we like to follow them up after. We talk about and I give things on detoxing, especially for people after. We like to obviously do things before surgery and a lot of people will do things before surgery and they're the people that get through the surgery much quicker and seem to heal faster. We also will do after and it seems like people more or less grab on it after because they see the swelling and a little bit of the bruising that they may have and then they'll start getting more serious about how they're taking care of their skin after the procedures so they start to heal a little quicker. Especially if they're having full body treatments. We offer different things here at the Horowitz Center for post treatments where we have different devices where we teach our clients to do different things with ice and hot towels. We like to work with different devices to help speed their healing process. With the swelling and the bruising we offer camouflage makeup and we like to help them get back to work as fast as they can. Anyone that would like to come into the spa can just call the Hurwitz Center and make their appointments and they make their appointments with the medical office upstairs or the spa downstairs.

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