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Our Plastic Surgery Coordinator Facilitates All of Our Patients' Needs


At Hurwitz Center for Plastic Surgery, our surgical coordinator, Kathy, helps plan patients' surgery. Kathy also handles patients' insurance issues, payments, and more. After patients have met with Dr. Dennis Hurwitz, Kathy strives to help patients feel comfortable and happy.

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Dr. Dennis Hurwitz: My office manager, Kathy, also serves as our patient advocate and coordinator, and she will make all the arrangements necessary for your efficient and effective treatments, whether in our surgery center or at the hospital. Kathy Ottaviano: Here at the Hurwitz Center, I'm the office manager and surgical coordinator. Basically, I do any of the administrative work for the Hurwitz Center and I'm also the surgical coordinator. After Dr. Hurwitz meets with a patient, I then meet with them, go over any paperwork, any questions that they may have about their procedure that they discussed. I also handle all of the insurance billing and any accounts payables or accounts receivables for the patients. I wear many hats here. I've been with Dr. Hurwitz for over 28 years, so down the road I've learned a lot of different tasks to help him out in between anything that he needs done. I feel that I affect the patients by helping them make it through their surgical journey a little easier. I'm kind of that liaison between Dr. Hurwitz and the patient. So basically once they meet with Dr. Hurwitz, if they have a lot more questions, hopefully I'll be able to answer them for them, just make them a little more comfortable with their decision of having their surgery done. Dr. Hurwitz has a great national reputation, so the surgery that he does and the outcomes that he gets from his surgery in turn makes people refer family and friends. Therefore, the practice thrives on that alone. He's a great surgeon. He has a great staff. Our staff here just helps everybody through smoothly to make it through their journey. They truly have their best interests at heart. The most satisfying thing that I find here at the Hurwitz Center is helping people achieve the goal that they're looking for. They come in to us. They want to have a certain look, a certain result. I feel that I help guide them through that journey, that I help them feel good about their decision that they've made with going with Dr. Hurwitz with their surgery. I enjoy seeing the excitement on their face after they have surgery that they've achieved the result that Dr. Hurwitz gave them surgery-wise. Our most challenging thing here for me is finding surgery time. Dr. Hurwitz is so busy with his schedule, we truly have him booked every day of the week. We try to meet the patient's needs as much as possible on the surgery schedule, but unfortunately there are only so many days in the week. So that's my biggest challenge, is getting them in when they need to get done. My personal vision is just to see it continue to grow the way it has. Dr. Hurwitz has been very successful. We have a beautiful medical spa here in the office that was added just a few years ago, and I'd like to see that grow more as an enhancement to Dr. Hurwitz's surgical services.

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