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Let Our Plastic Surgery Team Make You Feel Comfortable


At Hurwitz Center for Plastic Surgery, our plastic surgery team provides personalized care to our patients. We can help patients along each step of their process, from financing questions to the specifics of each procedure. Our team works cooperatively together to help our patients reach their goals.

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Dr. Dennis Hurwitz: We have a dedicated and experienced staff that are able to answer your questions and facilitate all your treatments. My physician assistant has been well trained and assists me in every manner of your interoperative and postoperative care. Sarah Hall: My most important job is I assist Dr. Hurwitz in all the surgeries, do whatever he needs me to do. I also do a lot of the injectables. I do Botox fillers, Dysport. I'm in charge of pre-op care, post-op care, taking care of the patients after surgery, making sure they have everything they need before surgery. I think my most important role with Dr. Hurwitz is I'm an experienced female opinion for the patients and I assist in the surgery, so I know first hand what goes on. I know what kind of outcomes they can get, and I am there as a guide for them as a female experienced opinion. I think the most satisfying aspect is that we see the transformation of patients through their plastic surgery journey. They come in feeling bad about themselves. It's all about how they feel about themselves and by the end of their journey, they're a whole new person, and their self confidence is skyrocketed, and their self-image is so much better. It's amazing. I think the most challenging part of a plastic surgery practice is the expectations of the patient. I think we all need to be on the same page and the patient needs to have reasonable expectations that contributes to the best surgical outcome. We're with the patient throughout their whole plastic surgery journey, so we from start to finish know what happens in their lives. It's a long process. So we know what happens in their lives, they know what happens in our lives, so we all kind of share stories and by the end we're friends. I think that the staff at the Hurwitz Center is like a family. We all help each other with whatever anyone needs, to give the patient the best experience here. We all come together to do what's best for the patient and that's how we've always been, We've all worked together for years, you know, 7, 8, some people 20, 25 years. So, we know how everyone works with each other and it all just kind of meshes very well. Everyone is part of everyone's lives and at the Hurwitz Center. We all go to each other's parties, we go to each other's weddings. We're definitely a family. Amanda Delaney: I'm Dr. Hurwitz's receptionist and financial coordinator. I deal directly with the patients regardless if it's face to face, on the phone daily, I can make appointments for them, any questions they have, they're more than welcome to ask me. And in regards to the financial coordinating, I give them financial options that are available. My most satisfying part, I would say, is being able to watch the patient come in as they are first nervous and then walking out an actual happy, happy patient. The most challenging part, I would say, trying to find an appointment available for any patient. We're just so busy that it's actually hard for consultation days to actually find time for appointments. I think I do have the ability to cultivate a relationship with the patient. I think I have in the past. I actually have made a lot of friends after they've been patients here. In regards to the staff and all of us, we're basically a family. We back one another up, sisters, brothers. Dr. Hurwitz is like our dad, so everything goes through him. But I would say we all back each other up. If one's not available, there is always somebody to back the other one up. So, I think it's a great relationship. I would say we're just a family here.

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