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VASER® Body Sculpting Offers Great Results


The VASER® system allows Dr. Dennis Hurwitz to reshape patients' bodies with minimally invasive techniques. This ultrasound system can be used at Hurwitz Center for Plastic Surgery to remove fat using VASERlipo®, or in the VASERshape® system to smooth bulges. Additionally, we also provide VASERsmooth® for cellulite treatment.

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[Music] We've just incorporated in my practice the most advanced, cutting edge technology in liposuction surgery. It's called the VASER. The VASER is an ultrasound system that allows us to more safely and gently remove all the fat we wish to and sculpture the body in ways unimaginable in the past. So we're getting incredible results not only in our oversized people, but people who have just a little bit of bulges here and there. And with the VASER, we can incredibly reshape them in a feminine form or a more muscular form for the men. The VASER comes in actually three packages. I'm referring to VASERlipo, where we have minimally invasive surgery, small incisions, and remove the fat, that way leaving the native collagen to contract down so the skin shapes beautifully. But we also have VASERshape, which is a noninvasive external approach which allows small bulges to be smoothed down evenly. And finally we have VASERsmooth, the latest technology for the permanent removal of cellulite. There are all types of body shapes that are well suited for advanced liposculpture. Even thin people with small bulges can get incredibly remarkable results. And sometimes we take fat from one area and put it to another, like the upper breast or the buttock area. But overweight people that are not really obese, they can make excellent candidates as I sculpture them the ideal feminine or masculine form. At its simplest level, body sculpturing is liposuction of areas to remove fat and maybe add some fat. But more often, it's a complex interplay of body contouring excisional surgery with liposculpture. So we may take a tummy tuck, but we don't stop there. We'll thin down the flanks, the waist, the hips. We'll add some fat. It's all about sculpturing the best body we possibly can. [Music] Recovery after surgery is a variable thing, but by and large, we've been very pleased that our patients with VASER, even with some like a tummy tuck, recover incredibly quickly. With just a few days, most of the pain is gone. And within a week, they return to most all their usual activities except for vigorous exercise. It does take about six weeks before they can resume all their activities. But again, VASER and a skillful use is much less painful and disabling than this surgery has been in the past. If you are interested in VASER technology and all its manifestations, please call our office. We have knowledgeable receptionists who will answer all your questions and be very pleased to set up an appointment. And if you've done this through our website, it will be complimentary. [Music]

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