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Post Weight Loss Skin Tightening


In a January 2016 clip from "Inside Edition," Dr. Dennis Hurwitz' patient who underwent post weight loss skin tightening discusses the experience. After dropping more than 400 lbs. in two years, Ronnie was left with 35 pounds of loose skin. Dr. Hurwitz helped him shed the excess weight and trim his figure for slim, refined results.

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Deborah: He used to be Taylor Swift's biggest fan. Now he's just her most enthusiastic. Reporter: Taylor Swift has adoring fans everywhere, but this guy can actually say her music changed his life. Amazingly, Ronnie Brower went from this to this, shedding a whopping 425 pounds all by working out to Taylor's music. Starting off at a morbidly obese 675 pounds, Ronnie dedicated himself to endless grueling workouts for two years. Ronnie: I got Ms. Swift on the radio. Reporter: He lifted weights, hit the stairs, and crunched sit-ups, all to a Taylor Swift soundtrack. As a result, he could actually fit into one leg of his old shorts. But Ronnie's life is about to change even more. Andrea: I saw him at the gym and I was just so infatuated by him. Reporter: That's Ronnie's girlfriend, 23-year-old Andrea Masella. And, get this, she has lost 120 pounds herself. Andrea: I was 250 pounds at a size 20. Reporter: Ronnie and Andrea often work out together, lifting weights or running in the snow in Syracuse, New York. Andrea: I was inspired by his weight loss and then I just saw how great of a man he is and he swept me off my feet. Reporter: But all of Ronnie's extreme weight loss lead to another huge problem, 35 pounds of excess skin. Inside Edition was there as Ronnie went to plastic surgeon Dr. Dennis Hurwitz to have the excess skin removed. Dr. Hurwitz: When he leans over, there'll be no more of this loose skin. It'll be tight. Reporter: In total, Ronnie underwent more than 15 hours of surgery to remove all of that flabby skin. In the recovery room, he was groggy but smiling. Andrea was by his side. After weeks and weeks of recovery, Ronnie showed us his remarkable new body. And he doesn't mind the scars at all. Ronnie: I just tell people I got bit by a shark. Reporter: Ronnie can actually fit into a suit for the first time in his life. And Andrea couldn't believe her eyes when she saw him looking so trim and sharp. Andrea: Wow, you look so good. Ronnie: Thanks, babe. Reporter: So how does Taylor Swift's biggest fan feel now? Ronnie: I'm the healthiest and happiest I've ever been in my life. Deborah: Good for him. When we come back, we'll remember a legendary actor.

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