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Gynecomastia Treatment with BodyTite


Michael spent his adolescence feeling self-conscious of excess breast tissue. Fortunately, Dr. Dennis Hurwitz was able to provide gynecomastia treatment by using BodyTite® to sculpt Michael's chest, providing a more masculine look. Thanks to this procedure, Michael now has confidence and is inspired to work out.

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Travis: Earlier this season Michael opened up about his struggle with gynecomastia that had caused him to develop large amounts of breast tissue leading to years of painful bullying and isolation. Take a look. Michael: I have been using Duct Tape on my skin for 12 years. When I started hitting puberty, everything started to change. I started getting these bumps, these breasts. Kids started making fun of me, calling me a girl and started pinching my chest. I didn't want to come to school. Beth: He changed from being the happiest kid in the world to the loneliest kid in the world. Michael: I didn't know what to do. So I decided to start wearing Duct Tape and Super Glue on my skin. It would make blisters and leave scars. It would hurt really bad. I felt disgusting. I woke up every day wishing I was somebody else. Drew: I reached out to a colleague of mine, Dr. Dennis Hurwitz, a Board Certified plastic surgeon, and we have him on tape with a special message for you. Dr. Hurwitz: The Doctors have told me about your story. I want to help. I devised a unique surgical plan to rid you of your problem. Looking forward to seeing you very soon. Drew: You're so welcome. Michael: This is the best news ever. Thank you so much. Travis: After that show, we sent Michael to Board Certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Dennis Hurwitz in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Let's have a look. Dr. Hurwitz: Good morning, Michael. Michael: Good morning. Dr. Hurwitz: Today's a very special day. We're going to finally address this big problem. Michael: I am so excited. Thank you, sir. Dr. Hurwitz: We're off. Michael: I love you, Mom. Beth: I love you. See you. Dr. Hurwitz: The big challenge here is to remove the fat and to take care of the skin laxity, because he's so large. This operation has four steps. Step number one is insert the laser probe to disrupt the fat so that it can be removed. Now, we're applying a bit of radiofrequency energy to tighten the skin. Now is the removal of the tissue through liposuction. You see the fat trailing through the tubing. This is going better than I anticipated. What's so neat, I don't have to cut him open, which leaves rather large scars across the chest. We'll put in a few stitches in each of these tiny incisions, wrap him up in elastic garments, and we're done. Travis: Joining us today Michael, his mother, Beth, and I want to take a quick look at Michael's before, and let's now look at his after picture side by side, because Michael had such a great result. And we're also joined by his physician, Dr. Dennis Hurwitz. Drew: Welcome back, Dennis. Travis: Michael, how are you feeling? Because you look great, my friend. Michael: I'm feeling absolutely amazing. I have so much more confidence. I want to wear T-shirts out everywhere, even though it's really cold where I'm at. I'm getting into so much more fitness. I'm just so happy about myself and who I am now. I love myself. Drew: I think we saw on the video that Dr. Hurwitz has done this once or twice before. But I see, Dennis, that you did a little extra too there. Michael: Yes. Drew: Didn't you? Dr. Hurwitz: Well, yeah, Drew, it's all about sculpturing the body, and smooth everything down, and reduce him down so he's consistently nice pattern. A good looking man. Drew: And your technique, Dr. Hurwitz, what you did, because you knew that you were going to have excess skin, because of the size of his chest, and instead of placing more incision, leaving him with scars on the chest, you were able to shrink the skin with a new technology. Dr. Hurwitz: That's absolutely right. Using BodyTite by InMode, we're able to apply radiofrequency energy in a controlled manner. That's the critical part, controlled, reproducible manner, no burns. We can melt the fat, tighten the skin. So when he's left, he doesn't need those big scars. There's actually no visible scars on his body, and we reshaped everything.

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