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The Hurwitz Center for Plastic Surgery

Since 1977, Dr. Dennis Hurwitz, headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has devoted his career to facial plastic and body contouring surgery. For decades, patients have turned to Dr. Hurwitz to help them refine and rejuvenate their appearance through cosmetic surgery. After a distinguished career in full-time academic plastic surgery at the University of Pittsburgh, Clinical Professor of Plastic Surgery Hurwitz founded in 1999 the Hurwitz Center for Plastic Surgery. Exquisitely remodeled facility, the Center offers a state of the art plastic surgery clinic, certified ambulatory operating room and medical spa within 7,000 square feet at the top fourth and fifth floors in the Forbes Allies Center, 3109 Forbes Avenue, Oakland, Pittsburgh.

Dr. Hurwitz and his experienced staff are poised to fully serve the entire gamut of cosmetic medicine, surgery and after care needs of his clients and patients, who come from Southwestern Pennsylvania, across the USA and around the world. In addition we have added satellite locations in Beverly Hills, California and Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Professor Hurwitz is frequently invited by plastic surgery organizations worldwide to present special lectures and to demonstrate surgery at their meetings and seminars, most recently the surgeon guest of the Health Ministry of Kuwait. His scientific and technical advances are regularly published in outstanding peer reviewed journals, culminating in the 2016 publication of Comprehensive Body Contouring by Springer.com. Patients from all walks of life seek out Dr. Hurwitz for his unparalleled skill in performing facelift, lipoaugmentation, breast augmentation, skin rejuvenation, body contouring, bachioplasty, thighplasty, waist narrowing and other complex procedures. As Clinical Professor of Plastic Surgery at the University of Pittsburgh, he assisted in the training of over 130 skilled plastic surgeons. A select few practice at Hurwitz Centers. >

Best Doctors Award

“Your superior skills have enabled you to consistently improve the lives of patients and to exemplify high quality care.”

-From Dr. Hurwitz’s “Best Doctors” Award. Dr. Hurwitz has been ranked by his peers among the top 5 percent of physicians in the entire United States for the past fourteen years.

Professional Skill in Body Contouring

Body contouring requires a plastic surgeon to determine which combination of procedures will be most effective at enhancing the body. Dr. Hurwitz practices primarily in Pittsburgh, but also has offices in Beverly Hills, and Sao Paulo to serve patients worldwide. He is not only fluent in existing procedures and techniques, but he also a recognized plastic surgery innovator. Dr. Hurwitz has been a long time leader in developing techniques that deliver improved outcomes with reduced risk.

He created the Total Body Lift, a procedure in which multiple techniques, including abdominoplasty, liposuction, breast lift, thighplasty, and brachioplasty are combined and customized to treat the entire body in as few stages as safely  possible. This extraordinary development ushered in a new era in body contouring surgery, forever raising the bar of excellence for surgeons worldwide. Dr. Hurwitz has helped thousands of patients reshape their bodies in a way that many believed impossible. By opening remote offices, Dr. Hurwitz can transform even more lives through his revolutionary vision for body contouring surgery.

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The Total Body Lift – Dennis Hurwitz, M.D.

The Total Body Lift bookThe Total Body Lift, a book by Dr. Dennis Hurwitz, is an introspective report that details plastic surgery as experienced by eight actual patients. The book describes his signature Total Body Lift  surgery in detail, both from the surgeon’s perspective and his that of his patients. For the most insightful review of this exciting surgery, order your own copy here, today!

Call for an appointment  or complete a consult with Dr. Hurwitz for $100 and receive a free copy!

Take an inside look at The Total Body Lift by Dr. Hurwitz. Each month a short installment will be posted online. 

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The Chase for Beauty – Robert Mendelson

The Chase for Beauty bookIn 2005, Robert Mendelson approached Dr. Hurwitz. Mendelson wanted to write a book on Dr. Hurwitz’s remarkable experiences. Dr. Hurwitz agreed, and Mendelson conducted about 100 interviews over the next 18 months. The resulting book, The Chase for Beauty, is a harrowing tale of murder, love, and medicine. According to Mendelson, the book is "about faith, about perseverance, about achievements, about relationships, and above all about one man's struggle to triumph over a devastating fate." It is available from Amazon.com.

Comprehensive Plastic Surgery: Theory and Practice

As per publisher Springer.com, "This up-to-date discourse on body contouring surgery is based on the experience of a plastic surgeon who is renowned as an innovator and repeatedly reports excellent results...The emphasis is on technique, which is precisely described and filmed, and the videos are full length...Standardized images and analysis of evaluations and reported complications support the conclusions. Hardcover: $109.00. Printed eBook: $24.00


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