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Comprehensive Thigh and Arm Lift


Dr. Dennis Hurwitz uses a comprehensive approach to reduce excess skin on patients' arms and thighs. Know as thigh or arm lift, these treatments tighten the skin on the arms or thighs, creating a sleeker, more contoured appearance. Dr. Hurwitz presents his patients all of their options, also including minimal options such as VASERlipo®. Consultations with Dr. Hurwitz are complimentary.

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Dr. Hurwitz: In recent years, more patients have come to us for reducing the excess skin of their arms and thighs, than ever before. We are pleased to offer these operations and have made original contributions we call the Elbrachioplasty, the arm reduction that extends across the armpit onto the chest, for a complete treatment; and the spiral thigh plasty, which improves the lower buttocks and tightens the thighs, for the entire length to the knees. I feel an obligation, as an experienced plastic surgeon, to give a comprehensive approach to whatever the problem is that presents to me. So, if someone comes for a tummy tuck, we talk about the whole body, and the arms and the thighs, and let them decide if it's right for them. If you come for sagging skin of the neck and jowls, we talk about the eyes and the brow. Dennis Hurwitz is going to give you a complete evaluation and we can decide what's best for you. Fortunately, over-sized arms and legs may not need excisional surgery, and be adequately treated with laser lipo, reduction of the excess fat, and not have much hanging skin. So, we're quite pleased to have minimally invasive and even non-invasive treatments, for these difficult to treat areas. If you are interested in having your arms or thighs reduced, any of the treatments we've talked about, please call the office. We can arrange for a consultation and for those visiting this website, it's complimentary.

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