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Dr. Dennis Hurwtiz is an adept plastic surgeon who has been serving patients since 1977. Dr. Hurwitz provides a full spectrum of surgical options to help patients look and feel their best. Dr. Hurwitz's private practice is equipped with the highest safety standards and advanced technology.

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Dr. Hurwitz: I've been in practice in plastic surgery in Pittsburgh since 1977, so that makes it about 36 years. I am pleased to have grown up in Baltimore, went to the high school at Baltimore City College, off to University of Maryland in College Park. I was an honor student and went off to University of Maryland in Baltimore and graduated in 1970 in the honor society. Off to training in general surgery up at Dartmouth Medical College and came to Pittsburgh to do my plastic surgery. Actually plastic surgery was an afterthought. I was determined to be a cardiac surgeon and do heart valves and heart transplants. But when I found out the artistry and the high skills necessary for plastic surgery and the type of patients that come there for help, it was for me. I like the opportunity to engage people who want to improve their appearance; who are dissatisfied of how things look. Maybe they never had the attractive features they wanted or they've lost them over the years. It's an incredible opportunity to take healthy people and true wellness and bring them to a level of aesthetics and self-esteem not previously possible. The most challenging aspect of plastic surgery is meeting patient expectations. They have their pre-perceived concepts of what they want to look like. I have an understanding of what I can accomplish, and to match the two, it could be a little difficult at times. So I have to take patients through this and be sure that we get the kind of results they're hoping for. Fortunately I'm very busy in plastic surgery, and I consider that my avocation as well as my occupation. But when there is free time, I like competitive golf, and I'm fairly good with a handicap of about ten, so I can play anywhere. And I belong to a number of golf groups, professional and otherwise. I do like to ski in the winter. Having lived in Vermont, we learned how to ski, and we love to go to Colorado. Otherwise, the family is wonderful. I have grown children just finishing college. I'm helping them along the way. I like my new patients to understand where I'm coming from, and I'm coming from a private practice with a high academic interest. I want my patients to understand they're coming to a plastic surgeon who's not only innovative but also a great teacher. I'm a Professor at the University of Pittsburgh, and with that, I have the opportunity to train senior residents in plastic surgery. I also innovate new techniques and technologies for my patients' welfare. So my patients will have the latest in techniques that are tried and proven through my operative experience, and I report this to plastic surgeons around the world.

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